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Our purposes
History of the activity
Publishing Activity
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The Paneurhythmy Research and Application Institute is a non-commercial juridical entity to serve public interest. It is the successor of "Paneurhythmy" Association.

Our purposes:

Application of Paneurhythmy as a health-improving (anti-stress) program;
Scientific research, organization and participation in national and international conferences on health, education, and culture related aspects of Paneurhythmy;
Interaction with public bodies and institutions and other non-governmental organizations;
Teacher training, updating the qualification of teachers in the field of Paneurhythmy and organization of a network for Paneurhythmy training;
Creating educational programs for children and teenagers and implementing the Ministry of Education standards for the improvement of the physiological parameters of pupils with the help of Paneurhythmy training;
Contributing to the establishment of a positive and stress-free atmosphere at schools and kindergartens by introducing Paneurhythmy training;
Organizing training for children from Homes for Education and Upbringing of Children Deprived of Parental Care (HEUCDPC) and children with specific difficulties and development problems in co-operation with the regional Child Protection Departments as an alternative to overcoming isolation and better integration and socialization;
Organizing of consultations by specialists for parents of disabled children in co-operation with the regional Child Protection Departments;
Organizing of seminars, round tables and School for Parents with parents, teachers, directors of schools and kindergartens, and regional educational inspectorates in order to disseminate the results of Paneurhythmy training and to preserve and improve childrens health and education;
Development of projects offering solution to health-related problems of children;
Development and publishing of textbooks and methodological tools for Paneurhythmy training;
Development of video and audio materials to assist in the Paneurhythmy training;
Promoting the achievements of the Institute in newspapers, magazines and other media and in the internet space.


The Institute has a network of collaborators in the towns of Asenovgrad, Belene, Varna, Veliko Turnovo, Gabrovo, Dimitrovgrad, Karnobat, Levski, Pleven, Pernik, Ruse, Sofia, Stara Zagora, Turgovishte, Tsar Kaloyan, and Shumen.


History of the activity
A group of specialists founded Paneurhythmy Association on 10 February 2000. We were interested in the scientific research of Paneurhythmy, believing that Paneurhythmy is a unique Bulgarian method for self-education where movements, music, and poetry improve health and develop aspiration for friendliness, communication, and positive attitudes to other people, life, and nature. The group was prepared to work for:
- scientific research of Paneurhythmy and setting up the conditions for its application in Bulgaria;
- bringing about social and economic interest towards Paneurhythmy on behalf of citizens and public bodies;
- application of Paneurhythmy as a complete health-improving program;
- active protection of authorship in the field of Paneurhythmy.
Paneurhythmy Association was established as a non-governmental organization, registered by the Law of Entities and Family, to unite Paneurhythmy teachers trained at the Postgraduate Center for Qualifications of Vasil Levski National Sports Academy (NSA) in Sofia.
Since the very beginning, we worked in close co-operation with NSA. We consciously sought children and adults who were not familiar with the doctrine of Petar Dunov and who had not practiced Paneurhythmy before, so that we could investigate the changes, which Paneurhythmy training brought about, when performed to match the demands of the author.
After the changes in the Law for Juridical Entities with Non-commercial Purpose, we re-registered as Paneurhythmy Association with non-commercial purpose to serve the public interest, on 02 June 2001.
On 10 October 2001, in co-operation with NSA, we organized the first academic conference on Paneurhythmy. The results from the research showed significant positive change in trainees. In December 2001, after the accident in Indigo Disco Club we exchanged ideas with other non-governmental organization concerned with childrens problems and contributed for the development of For the Children of Bulgaria government program at the Ministry of Education. We were the only ones to propose a full model with scientifically based results.
In a letter 02.18.803 from 5 December 2002, the Department of Religions at the Council of Ministers declared that Paneurhythmy Association does not fall in the regulations of article133 from the Law for Entities and Family, since it does not perform religious activity.
The hard work continued to develop a network of instructors all over the country. The number of children and schools who sought our help, increased. Our program was developing and improving constantly. The Summer Mountain Schools became its continuation. We found beautiful places in the mountains of Bulgaria and National Rila Park became our permanent partner.
The development of the network of instructors and the huge research work done imposed that on 26 March 2005 the Association closed, its activities were overtaken by the foundation Paneurhythmy Research and Application Institute, and its instructors became collaborators of the Institute. The president of the Institute continues to be the founder of Paneurhythmy Association, Dipl.Eng. Antoaneta Yankova.


Publishing Activity:

"Paneurhythmy" magazine: #1 2000, #2 2001, #3 2002;

1 2 3
"Paneurhythmy songs" (for school) Sofia, 2002. (three editions)

"Paneurhythmy as a System for the Harmonization of Self and Society": reports from the first academic conference. Sofia, 2001

"Paneurhythmy as a System for the Harmonization of Self and Society": reports from the second academic conference. Sofia, 2003


1 " - " " " - , "

Set of audiocassettes and CDs for the instructor: 1.Music for listening; 2. Music for dancing; 3.Music for study of the exercises; 4.Music for study of songs; 5.Music for singing
       Paneurhythmy performed by: Svetla Oreshkova and Nadezhda Vasileva violin and Bozhiar Simov guitar, Sofia, 2000;        Paneurhythmy performed by Luybomir Dimitrov, Elena Yankova, and Miroslava Dimitrova - violin, Daniel Zhekov clarinet, Bozhiar Simov guitar, and Daniela Naidenova soprano, Sofia, 2002;
"Lets Play Paneurhythmy Together": 90 minutes education film, Sofia, 2000;
"From the Spring of the Bulgarian": 10 minutes documentary on Paneurhythmy training, Sofia, 2001;
"Healthy by Exercising in nature": 20 minutes documentary for Malyovitsa summer camp, Sofia, 2003


Newspaper articles:

Sedmichen Trud:
#35 from 26.08.2004: "Children Played Paneurhythmy in Rila";
#22 from 27.05.2004: "Paneurhythmy Helps Sick Children";
#34 from 21.08.2003: "Paneurhythmy Helps Diabetes"
#31 from 31.07.2003: "Paneurhythmy Helps Children";
#41 from 10.10.2002: "Paneurhythmy: Way to a Better World";

Uchitelsko Delo:
#26 from 19.09.2005: "The Fourth Summer School in the Mountain";
#21 from 06.06.2005: "Healthy by Exercising in Nature" and "We, Children, Ask for Attention!";
#3 from 31.01.2005: "Children are in Great Need of Communication"
#28 from 27.09.2004: "School in the Mountain";
#24 from 21.06.2004: "Paneurhythmy and the Therapeutic Effect of the Exercises on Children";
#26 from 15.09.2003: "Healthy by Exercising in Nature";
#22 from 09.06.2003: "Humanitarian Approach in Educational Medium";
#30 from 21.10.2002: "An Alternative to Disco Clubs and Computer Games";
#31 from 22.10.2001: "Universal Educational Method";

Domashen Lekar:
#29 (566) from 22-28.07.2003: "Live in Harmony with the Rhythm of the Cosmos";

Orient express (Dimitrovgrad):
#1/752 from 4-10.01.2006: "Paneurhythmy is a Means, Form, and Method of Education";
#2/753 from 11-17.01.2006: "Paneurhythmy is a Means, Form and Method of Education";
#31 (732) from 10-16.08.2005: "The Children of Dimitrovgrad Conquer Musala";
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from 28.04-04.05.2004: "Expedition to Madzharovo";
from 7-13.04.2004: "Whats new about Paneurhythmy Training";
from 11-17.02.2004: "Dance Therapy for Adults";
#31 (629) from 6-12.08.2003: "Malyovitsa Summer Camp";
from 4-10.06.2003: "The Relation Humans-Nature-Cosmos is a Bulgarian Discovery";

Trakia ղ (Dimitrovgrad):
#2(200) from 11-17.01.2006: "Paneurhythmy: a Unique Bulgarian Method";
#1(199) from 4-10.01.2006: "Paneurhythmy Training: Important Achievement of the Bulgarian School";
#31 from 3-9.08.2005: "Paneurhythmy";
#32 (128) from 11-17.08.2004: "To a Summer Camp in the Skirts of Rila Mountain";
#16 from 21-27.04.2004: "Land as Big as a Palm: Madzharovo";
#39 from 20-26.11.2002: "Paneurhythmy Training: Solution to School Problems";

Posrednik (Pleven):
#248 from 27.12.2005: "Paneurhythmy: Subject of Academic Conference";
#147 from 01.08.2005: "Paneurhythmy Classes introduced in Pleven Schools";
#146 from 29-31.07.2005: "Children from Pleven Climbed the Highest Mountain lake in Bulgaria";
#29 from 10.02.2005: "Paneurhythmy Association Marks its Fifth Anniversary";
#222 from 17.11.2004: "A Possibility for Paneurhythmy Training to Enter School Programs";
#221 from 16.11.2004: "Parents Have to Invest in their Childrens Upbringing";
#149 from 05.08.2004: "Rila Filled with Joy the Eyes of Children from Home "Detelina";
#146 from 02.08.2004: "250 Children Played Paneurhythmy in Rila Mountain";
#87 from 10.05.2004: "Paneurhythmy Association Invited to a Dance Therapy Congress in Athens";
from10.02.2004: "Paneurhythmy Association at its Fourths Birthday";
#84 from 07.05.2003: "Demonstration-Happening Entitled "Paneurhythmy Game with the Rainbow";
#30 from 12.02.2003: "Paneurhythmy: a Source of Good Health";
#16 from 23.01.2002: "Family Must Preserve Their Children not Despite but Together with the State";
#173 from 02-04.11.2001: "Paneurhythmy is Created from a Bulgarian for the Bulgarians";
#80 from 23.04.2001: "Paneurhythmy Instructors from all over Bulgaria gathered in Pleven";

Utro (Ruse):
from 03.08.2004: "Children from Ruse Dance Paneurhythmy in Rila"

Karnobatski Glas (Karnobat):
from 10-16.08.2004: "Children from Karnobat Played Paneurhythmy in Rila";

Zname (Targovishte):
from 27.06.2003: "It Is not so Important What Happens to Us, Rather How We Deal with It."

Novini Pozvanete (Varna):
#180 from 30.07.2005: "Love for Nature Drives away Stress and Aggression";

167 Chasa Varna (Varna):
#49 from 7-13.12.2004: "Paneurhythmy: a Formula for Healthy Body and Healthy Spirit";

Delnik (Yambol):
#87 (2462) from 11.05.2004: "Yambol: Participation at an International Congress in Sports Medicine";

Cable television 7 Dni (Sofia):

Cable television Videosat (Veliko Turnovo):
18.02.2004: news report
25.02.2004: "Healthy Window": issue dedicated to Paneurhythmy


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