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      Paneurhythmy Research and Application Institute

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Petar Dunov (Beinsa Duno) about Paneurhythmy

Петър Дънов

Paneurhythmy is a conscious interchange with the forces of the living nature!

For the study of Paneurhythmy we will need schools, series of lectures and courses.
In these courses, it will have to be grounded scientifically, so that its principles and laws are studied, and at the same time to be examined in practice.

At school and in society, adults should be introduced to these exercises, so that an entirely new generation is prepared, which is healthy and physically tenacious, with exalted feelings, revived spiritually, having strong will, active, with resolute souls, strong and vigorous, and having a healthy nervous system!

It is desirable that those who seek the good of the people introduce these exercises at school and adult society. This is all for the wellbeing of society.

Whoever wants to exercise his thoughts, to become a person with a strong mind, who wants to be strong in spirit and have a healthy body, he certainly must exercise. Health depends on the illuminated thoughts, warm feelings and righteous actions.

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