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Parents about the program

D. Ivanova: Since my daughter has started playing Paneurhythmy, she falls ill much too rarely. She likes the training because it is not exhaustive, there is music, and the classes are great fun.

S. Bilyarska: My son has been playing Paneurhythmy for a second year now. Before that, he was impatient, hot-tempered, hasty, and often he made no compromise. Now he has become much more independent and more confident of his decisions. He began to tolerate children he did not like and even avoided before. He does not forget or miss important things now. He plays alone more rarely and he started looking for children who play in-group. He found out that he likes nature and that he loves Bulgaria. He felt the contact with the mountain.

T. Atanasova: My daughter is sixth grade and she has been playing Paneurhythmy for a second year. She was a very introvert child and now she has become more open, she expresses herself easier and communicates better with the children. She grows up calmer, more optimistic, more joyful, and more organized in her routine obligations. The health problem she had, wetting her bed, was reduced to once a month.

S. Staneva: For several months now, my son has been attending Paneurhythmy classes. In the beginning, I was skeptical and suspicious, as all adults unfamiliar with the aims and methods of education. I thought that this training would be distant from his teenage interests. I was surprised by the willingness with which he started attending regularly the group classes. I work in the same school where he studies and I can see his relations with his classmates. He does not feel comfortable with them although he is a sociable child. I have already noticed that he feels more confident in himself; he looks for closer contacts with the children with whom he plays Paneurhythmy. I am thankful that on the verge of the age when he should learn to use meaningfully his free time, he is involved in Paneurhythmy training. It will strengthen habits and moral values that every parent would like to see in their child.

S. Dimitrova: I am a mother of a sixth grade pupil. My son has been playing Paneurhythmy for a second year. I notice that his changeable mood, typical of his age, is less manifested. I think that Paneurhythmy teaches their bodies to have the correct body posture, and their mind to look for peace and their personality acquires more self-confidence and self-control.

E. Kalcheva: I have a child with the Down syndrome and ever since she started playing Paneurhythmy, she has improved her independence, movement coordination, and orientation. Paneurhythmy helped so that her classmates accepted her better. I am satisfied and I would like her to continue with this training.

V. Petrova: For 17 years, my daughter has been diagnosed with child cerebral paralysis and epilepsy. I have been playing with her Paneurhythmy for the last 5 years. Playing Paneurhythmy had the following effects upon her: She gained in health and the virus infections that often overcame her before totally disappeared; the whole body is set on the move and especially the right limbs, which she avoids using in her everyday work. While playing Paneurhythmy, she receives no convulsions, which normally happen several times a week. The songs and music of Paneurhythmy have an especially positive effect on her and she listens and sings them after Paneurhythmy is over. They stimulate her and fill her uninteresting days of a child with problems (first category disability). What is most valuable for my daughter is the direct contact with children her age during the summer school; she is practically deprived of such contact in her life of a disabled and isolated child. In the days when I play Paneurhythmy as a parent of a disabled child I notice the following: I am in good mood the hole day and efficient in my work; I have more harmonious relations with my family; I have a positive attitude to everyone I meet; I cope easier with my problems.

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