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      Paneurhythmy Research and Application Institute

Experts about the program

Prof. Vanya Matanova, Dr.Habil - St. Kliment Ohrisdski University of Sofia, Director of a post-graduate program: Clinical and Consultative Psychology:

"As a consultant of Paneurhythmy Research and Application Institute, I am acquainted into detail with their activity. In the recent years, they made an experiment with Paneurhythmy training with the program "Healthy by Exercising in Nature".
The high professional qualities of the participants in the training, their skills for work with children, as well as their good organization gave results, which I evaluate as significant for the physical and psychological functioning of children.
One of the most significant results is the reduction of aggressive behavior because of better social climate created in children’s groups. Positive results also reported the cognitive functioning of children, which is good premises for better coping. The good professional qualities of the teachers as well as the reported positive results permit me to recommend enlargement of the network of kindergartens and schools where Paneurhythmy is taught. I am positive that this training will help the full value development of children involved."

Assoc. Prof Nely Boyadzhieva, PhD - St. Kliment Ohrisdski University of Sofia, Faculty of primary and pre-school teacher training :

"I was invited to consult and to give an expert evaluation of the results of this incredible experiment, the program "Healthy by Exercising in Nature" with Paneurhythmy training. This training is an important achievement for Bulgarian schools and educational system, not to speak that results are significant for the theory of education, which is the sphere of my lecturing and academic activity. "

Prof. Veselin Margaritov, Dr.Habil - Vice president of State Agency for Youth and Sport: (Department of scientific research in sport and sport activity at school):

"Paneurhythmy is a means, a form, and an educational method. Paneurhythmy is a unique means for maintenance of the physical and psychological condition and contributes to the psycho-physiological preparation of the young generation. Paneurhythmy is the only system we have which demonstrates how the internal psychological activity can regulate external physiological activity and vice versa. This is an all-involving state, which we should strive to develop.
The biggest problem of physical education and of children is that physical education at school is a purely physical activity. The inner psychological element is missing. Precisely in Paneurhythmy, we can see this element of harmony for the development of psychophysiology."

Galina Kubratova - Medical psychologist, "Psychological Support Foundation" - ppfondation.hit.bg:

"Those who close the places for meaningful spending of one’s free time and communication today will open prisons tomorrow" – this is one of the conclusions of the Magdeburg initiative, Forum for Teenagers and Crime, Germany.
Paneurhythmy training is an integral approach for child education for creating attitudes for a healthy way of life related to physical activity, communication with nature, classes in the open, non-aggressive group behavior, respect, and love for the peers and closely related people.
Paneurhythmy training leads to the formation of group cohesion and feeling of belonging to school and school life. The foundations are laid of environmental thinking, as well as of self-control and self-discipline.
All this relates to a certain change in the personality development of children involved in this education, which has been experimentally proved by the collected research material. Children, involved in this training, mark a stable tendency for formation of attitudes, related to tolerance, empathy, and altruism in the communication with others.
The research proves that children have a strong need for this type of studies, marked by the humanitarian approach to education and satisfying needs for a positive and relaxed school medium."

Yordan Tankovski - Director of Bulgarian Youth Red Cross :

"I am familiar with the activities of Paneurhythmy Association, which is highly humane and aims at building sustainable life alternatives in young people with the help of Paneurhythmy system.
The Association team includes various experts, who have proved their professional qualities in fields such as pedagogy, music, choreography, psychology, and medicine. The program "Healthy by Exercising in Nature" is designed primarily for young people and its basic aim is improvement of their health. With the help of Paneurhythmy physical and breathing exercises, pupils have the opportunity to improve their nervous system and to transform the various forms of aggression. Besides this group method helps to motivate positive thinking and positive attitude to nature, and creates good premises for skills for communication and teamwork."